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The application is closed for class of 2024-2026!

In order to apply, please visit the site below:

After signing up in the system and choosing the language of your application, instructions detailing the different parts of the application will appear. Note that as part of your application you are required to send 2-3 recommendations. You will be able to request these recommendations through the application Program.

 In case you are still not at the appropriate age to submit an application, and you would like to get a notification when your designated application time arrives, please press here

Instructions on using the Application System:

Below are instructions and important highlights explaining different aspects of the application system. We advise you to go over the important highlights section before beginning to fill out the form. 

Signing up: in order to send your application, you first need to create a user in the system.

How do you sign up?

1. First, select the “Register” button which appears on the right corner of the page 

2. Enter your name and email and choose a password

3. You will get a confirmation email. You must confirm your registration by email before you can continue

4. Next, select the "View programs" option

5. This will send you to the page which checks your eligibility to apply to the organization. Select “Fill out eligibility profile”

6. Fill in the requested details: date of birth, first citizenship (and second if applicable), country of residence. Next, select “UWC National Committee”

7. Select to apply through the Israeli National Committee

8. First, you will need to pick the language you wish to fill the form in. Once you pick a language, you will see all the details on the next stages of the application 

Further Guidelines for the Application:

1. You can scroll between the different stages of the application and fill them out by any order that suits you

2. In order to complete each assignment of the application, you need to click on: 

A completed task will look like this: 

3. If you want to save your progress without submitting it, choose: