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What does a full scholarship include? What about partial scholarships?

All scholarships include the entire cost of college - classes, textbooks and basic school supplies. All scholarships also include accommodation and all college meals. In addition, the use of equipment in colleges and participation in most college activities are also included in the scholarship.

The payment towards a partial scholarship is not specific to a particular purpose, but complements the cost of residency and college studies. The payment is spread over the two years.

Scholarships are not inclusive of flights (except in exceptional cases), travel for vacations, or activities at the discretion of the student himself. Furthermore, scholarships do not include out-of-pocket expenses, and in most cases do not include health-insurance fees.

If I receive a partial scholarship, what amount will my family be required to pay?

The cost of a year of college is about $ 40,000/year. The amount to be paid upon receipt of a partial scholarship varies from year to year, but usually ranges from between $10,000 to $14,000 over the two years of study. Scholarships are divided among the accepted candidates according to socio-economic status of the student and the student’s family.

Which colleges provide full / partial scholarships?

The disbursement of scholarships varies from year to year. There are colleges that tend to give their students full scholarships to allow full equality among applicants, such as the colleges in Canada, Norway, Italy and Wales.

Who gives the money to scholarships?

Fundraising is done by the colleges themselves, by the international office of the organization, and by the National Committees. The Israeli National Committee relies almost exclusively on fundraising by the various colleges, but any donation to complete scholarships for students is welcome.