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Application Process


The Israeli UWC National Committee is responsible for sorting and selecting new students who will receive a college scholarship each year. The application process has three stages:

The first stage is to apply by completing the application forms and sending 2-3 recommendations. An extensive staff of the selection committee, made up of college graduates, reviews the forms and selects about 80 applicants to move to the second-tier stage.

The second stage includes a two-day selection camp that examines a variety of the candidates' qualities and abilities (social, analytical, and more). The camp is designed to get to know the candidates more closely, and takes place in a boarding school. From this stage, approximately 20 candidates are transferred to the third stage.

In the third stage, a long interview is held with the National Committee staff. After the interview, qualified applicants are accepted into colleges, and the scholarships are divided according to the socioeconomic conditions of the candidate and his or her family.

It is important to note that the application is done for all 18 colleges and not for a specific college.

**Please Note - The national Committee continues to follow the Corona Virus Restrictions. Should a selection camp not be an option at the time - we will review the applicants in Rule-Compliant  manner.

The UWC Selection committee wishes success to all candidates!