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Life at the College

The academic program, which spans throughout the entire term of the college (two years) is just part of a lifestyle full of diverse activities, alongside 300-200 additional students. Service to the community and the environment are key concepts in the UWC college life, and include a variety of community activities in a variety of areas.

Students live in separate dorms by gender, and each room has two to five students. The college provides meals in the dining room. The school year includes a winter break that lasts about a month, which some students spend travelling and visiting to their college friends' homes. Summer vacation is longer and lasts for about three months, during which most students return home.

Student life is filled with many diverse pursuits such as organised activities (like scuba diving, kayaking, camping and survival, theatre, photography, & sports), cultural evenings where students introduce their culture to the school community, and independent student activities, including events, parties and trips.

Organisational Video

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What is UWC?